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Blog Title: What is the necessity of vent cleaning?

Main Que: What is the necessity of vent cleaning?

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  • Query By: JOSEPH M (San Antonio, TX)
  • Date: 10/17/2016

Answer: There are many who think that vent cleaning is a redundant service, it is only a way through which HVAC contractors make money. Nevertheless, it is not the case. Vent cleaning is greatly important for maintaining the quality of air. Hence, it can be inferred that vent cleaning is also needed for maintaining the health conditions of the ones living in a household. Due to constant use, the HVAC system, dust, debris, and other kinds of pollutants build up in the vents which in turn pass to the air that is circulating within the homes. When a low quality air circulates into the home, it might aggravate conditions like allergies or breathing problems. Thus, one should be careful enough to maintain the quality of air within the homes for which vent cleaning at regular intervals becomes imperative. Secondly, vent cleaning reduces the stress on the HVAC system to maintain a desired level of temperature, the result of which is an increased life span of the HVAC systems. Lastly, a clean HVAC system mean reduced electricity bill for a household. However, whenever vent cleaning is decided only experienced and trusted professionals should be called in to get the best of service.

  • Replied By: KEVIN W (New York, NY)
  • Replied Date: 10/18/2016