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Blog Title: What is cost of annual maintenance of HVAC?

Main Que: What is cost of annual maintenance of HVAC?

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  • Query By: Kirk Peterson (Jersey City, NJ)
  • Date: 09/11/2016

Answer: Homeowners avoid going for an annual maintenance contract for their HVAC because of the cost. They can cost between $150 and $500 per year, depending on what is included in it. If the system is under the manufacturer’s warranty, you may be paying peanuts for annual servicing. Some of the manufacturers require routine maintenance as a term of the warranty. Some people are skeptical about a maintenance contract as their have to pay considerable amount every year regardless of the fact that their HVAC needs a repair or not. But these annual tune-ups are worth as they keep your machine at the peak of its efficiency, extend its life span, detect small faults, and prevent heavy repair bills in future.

  • Replied By: John Baker (Toledo, OH)
  • Replied Date: 09/13/2016